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Professional Tree Care at it’s best. With great pride and integrity, we at Design Tree Maintenance are committed to providing the highest level of professional arbor care and solutions for all of our clients. Through team work and dedication, we will uphold our promise to quality, service, and customer satisfaction. We think it should go without saying but, we are 100% fully licensed, bonded & insured.
Why Hire An Arborist?
Leave your tree trimming to the professionals! Proper trimming is vital for the life of your trees.

Tree Trimming & Tree Service (click to learn more)
Keeping your trees trimmed is an important step that will keep your trees vibrant and healthy for years to come. We have been trimming trees here in the Phoenix Arizona metro area for over 20 years. Please click above for more information about proper tree trimming.

Tree Removal
News reports continually remind us that even experienced woodsmen and tree climbers are easily killed while felling trees. Whether death occurs due to them falling, kickback of the trunk, or being crushed under the tree, the important lesson is to leave tree removal to competent, insured professionals. The larger the tree the greater the risk. Since many amateurs will still attempt their own tree removal please read our do's and dont's of tree removal.    

Tree Care
Tree care doesn't have to be a highly technical or complicated subject, since most trees fend for themselves pretty well. By following some "tree basics" it's easy to promote healthy growth in trees. We think it's very important to educated our clients about these basics, and offer continuing support for all of our clients if they ever have questions about the health of their trees.

Stump RemovalStump removal is not easy or fun! Leave it to us.
Following the removal of a large tree, the last part of the job is getting rid the stump. Most people are inclined to skip stump removal in order to save money, but we always recommend stump removal as the final step in the tree removal process. If you don't remove the stump, you're unable to plant a new tree in its place!

Tree Trimming & Tree Service

Trimming trees at the right time is very important.
You may have heard the old saying about tree trimming that goes something like this "Trim trees anytime your saw is sharp."  This may be true when it comes to removing broken and dead branches, but in many cases timing is very important.     

Trimming flowering trees
"Timing, timing, timing!" Most flowering trees set their blossoms the year before they bloom. Therefore, they won't bloom if these flower buds are trimmed off the tree. The best rule is to always trim flowering trees within 3 weeks of when they finish blooming. That should prevent you from inadvertently removing buds containing next year's flower show.

Trimming trees in the right place
One of the biggest pruning mistakes is cutting off branches in the wrong place. Amateurs tend to leave too much of a stub when removing branches. Once the stub dies off, it creates an entry point for disease pathogens and destructive insects.   Unlike human beings, trees don't regenerate tissue. While our skin replaces itself, trees grow new tissue around wounds and compartmentalizes them. Once a a tree compartmentalizes an old wound, it has a much better chance of survival.   Efforts should also be made not to wound tree trunks with lawnmowers, tractors and other machines. Trunk wounds create opportunities for destructive fungi. A natural defense system is built into trees, in the swollen area at the base of branches, known as the "collar" -- right where the trunk intersects the branch. Flush cuts are important to make, provided you don't remove the collar. Proper pruning cuts should be made just beyond the collar, without leaving a stub, but still leaving the swollen area.